DIY faux leather earrings…

Making these cuties is not for those who aren’t willing to try a whole bunch of times and learn from their failure.  If you’re just looking for a pair of these earrings, you’ll be able to purchase them from my shop soon.

While I haven’t found “THE WAY” to successfully cut them every time, I’m getting close, so this may be more of a recipe than a tutorial.

STEP 1: Gather the supplies

STEP 2: Assemble the materials
-Cut your leather a bit bigger than your design. I want mine to be about 1.5 inches tall so I’m going to cut my leather into 2 inch strips.
-Cut your heat transfer vinyl slightly smaller than the leather so that none hangs over, or else it’s going to stick to your ironing surface.
-Iron those together. Heat up your iron, start in the middle and do one smooth movement, pressing hard and avoiding wrinkles. Turn and go the opposite way. If you get wrinkles… that piece is a waste.

-Place your strip on your mat leather side up. Yup. LEATHER SIDE UP!
-Cut a piece of transfer tape a little bit bigger than your leather strip. This is going to help hold it on your mat. Slowly and carefully apply it with a scraper tool. (I’m using a mini spatula). Make sure it’s nice and smooth and not going to move!

-Make note of the placement/measurements and then load your mat into the silhouette.

STEP 3: Design time!
-Setup your design to fit the space where your materials are on the mat. It’s important to note that you should start with simple designs to ensure good cuts. I also recommend not cutting the tiny hole at the top because it hasn’t worked out well for me and it’s pretty easy to use a thumb tack to get it.

STEP 4: Cuttin’ time!
-Go to the send screen and check your settings. Using the ratchet blade, you’ll need to manually twist it to 10 and load it into the black adapter then the tool 1 spot on your machine. Make sure to hold it all the way down as you lock it into place.
Settings that worked best for me:

STEP 5: Press send and anxiously babysit

When it’s done, do not unload. Try to pull up one side and see if everything got cut. You can clean the blade and re-send the cut if you do not unload the mat.

If it appears to have cut or you’re livin’ on the edge and not checking, unload and take it to your weeding space.

STEP 6: Weed it
With any luck the excess material will come right up like magic, leaving your shapes cut out like perfect little presents. Pick out any little pieces from the inside of the design. Peel away the transfer tape from the leather side and peel away the plastic from the HTV side.

STEP 7: Assemble
-Use your thumb tack to poke a hole for a jump ring.
-Use pliers to open a jump ring and slide it through, then close it.
-Use pliers to open another jump ring and slide it through the one you just closed AND an earring hook.

STEP 8: Admire your work

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