Hacked Machine!

I finally hacked my electronic knitting machine!

Yep me, I did it! not the engineer of the household.  I had to watch a bunch of tutorial videos, read guides, mess with circuit boards, install several programs, and flash the board.  All things that for a less than technical person… sound pretty daunting.  Plus, the hacked circuit board doesn’t fit inside the the machine’s housing… which houses the machine’s row counter, and I’m not 100% sure I could deal with not having.  I thought I’d just set the cover over the wires with the circuit board hanging out the back……… and I broke a small piece of the machine, which allows the original housing to sit where it belongs while making the row counter completely functional.  So I guess this break was actually a semi lucky one.

It’s finally working and I’m thrilled about it although, I’ve only done one quickie test.  It looks like the hard part now will be to format images  to knit properly!

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