Hello 2020!

“New year, New adventure.” and have I got some adventures planned.

Learn Programing: This is something I’ve been working on with a couple of self study courses for about a month now. So far, I’ve gotten into learning some HTML and using a text editor.

Create youtube content: I’ve uh… written down a few video ideas for machine knitting, but I’m not sure that I want to commit to doing a vlog. I definitely do want to create some beginner instructional videos. Oh I did actually make a channel to upload these eventual gems to.

Post to this blog weekly: I’ve been terrible at this. I might have been too narrow in trying to just be all about crafts. Not that that won’t be a focus, but meowski made is about everything I’m creating, including all the aspects of my life. I’ve also just signed up for amazon affiliates to try to monetize and motivate myself that way. I do not plan on becoming a click-bait site, where you have to DIG for the thing you came for. I close those upon opening.

Earn money in passive ways: Who wouldn’t want to earn money for practically no work, or for doing something they actually like doing? This is sort of an “if I can figure it out, it’d be super awesome” things. Because people do it. I want to be one of those people. Like, I REALLY want to be one of those people saying they made a boatload of money for 2 hours of work this month. Not that it’s likely to happen but if I put absolutely zero effort into it, it definitely won’t happen.

Learn to use my cameo: I bought a silhouette cameo 4 last week and made several vinyl decals for fun. I freaking love it! I even like the process called “weeding”. I made my son and his birthday twins matching t-shirts for a playdate too! They all three thought the shirts were pretty cool and changed into them.

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