January 31

Oh this week has been quite a week.

My youngest got a tummy bug and gave it to me, resulting in 2 days of missed work, Plus all the misery of being sick and having a tiny sick person to take care of on top of it.

I didn’t do anything related to learning programming, unless thinking about it counts. Missed the weekly knit night that I like to go to for like… the 4th week in a row, because someone always seems to be sick/have a headache/just can’t on Thursdays lately.

This weekend I’m planning to learn how to make earrings with my silhouette cameo 4, but I have to get well enough to make a trip to the craft store.

My January goal was to simply get into using this blog and it’s an ongoing goal to consistently use it… which I’ve barely made. But I made it.

February’s goal is to add decals to my Etsy shop and learn to make earrings and add those too. Which doesn’t seem all that lofty, but the idea of shipping anything terrifies me like you wouldn’t believe.

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