Princess Leia hat

I decided to make a Princess Leia hat for my newborn this week.

Since it’s a pretty simple design, I decided to just wing it.

First I made a basic double crochet hat… but the top was too pointy for my liking, so I made a second hat starting with round 1 as single crochet instead of double. Left hat is started with double, right is started with single and switched to double.

Biggest part of the hat done!

Now most of the hats I’ve seen photos of use braids for the buns… but I wanted something that might stand a chance at surviving being washed, so I made two crochet i-cords.

I made them the length of my arm, which coiled up to the size I wanted. I then left super long tails to sew each into its coil.

Once they were sewn into their bun shape, I tried to get proper placement, but woke up the wiggly newborn. The placement is great… if the hat is turned “backward” so I just decided the back is the front.

Once all three pieces are made and you’ve got your placement, you’re just left with sewing them together, and weaving those ends in.

I also wound up finding a free tutorial for a costume and crochet the dress to go with it. If I made another little dress I think I’d leave the back open and use a lighter weight yarn.

The pattern for that can be found here: Family Bugs Crochet Designs.

And of course, here it is all together! (Roxy wasn’t the most cooperative participant)

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