Tutorial: DIY character hat without a pattern

I occasionally make character hats for friends and family… but I usually don’t use a pattern. I get ideas from pictures on Pinterest, something I’ve seen in the real world or from the person’s interests. Here’s an example of my process with a goomba hat.

Step 1: find your inspiration. For this goomba hat I found a simple google image of a goomba for reference.

Step 2: pick your colors and make your base. For most hats that’s just making a basic double crochet hat in the appropriate size.

Step 3: make all the pieces for your character. For this hat I needed two eyes, an eyebrow, one mouth and two teeth.

Step 4: lay out your pieces and pin for placement if needed.

Step 5: sew down each piece and weave the tails in.

Step 6: for perfectionists (like me) accept that there will be flaws because you’re not perfect, and that no one will know it didn’t turn out exactly the way you wanted it to.

You now have a finished character hat!

Here are a couple of other hats I’ve made in this manner.

Flying Spaghetti Monster



Thomas the train

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